2019 Camaro SS debut at Dayton Cars and Coffee

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  • Friday April 20, 2018

Just days after the official press release Chevrolet appeared with their first, worldwide debut.

The Sixth Generation Camaro SS turns heads

Spotted in the wild during our first meet of 2018.

Much like the excitement and unpredictability of an endurance race, Ohio weather has no shortage thrills and chills (literally). Weather be damned, cars and coffee season is upon us. Not only did we have the largest wet weather meet in our history, we had TWO, yes 2, preproduction vehicles in attendance.

Video: Dolby109

It’s no joke when we say the first event each year brings out the masses. [Editorial note: last year’s first meet was so large and traffic so gridlocked, we had to permanently change venues to accomodate]. As someone said to me, ‘It’s like automotive mating season and the first indicator of spring’. Clearly, there was truth to this, and the Camaro team at Chevrolet felt the same. They decided the world should see the car for the first time at Dayton Cars and Coffee. Consider us honored.

This is not the first time the team from Detriot have graced our meets. Last year saw a Camaro ZL1 1LE shortly after their whipping, fast record run at the ‘Ring. Say that three times fast. It was the definition of low-key cool.

Photo: Scott Schwartz Photography


Fast Forward 10 Months

They are back again with the fresh release (ie earlier in the week) of the 2019 Camaro SS. This mid-generation update includes some styling and minor adjustments across the line, but the most significant differences are rendered in the SS model styling. From this angle you can see the hood louvers have been modified. Ditched are from the two ‘port style’ openings on either side as seen on the 2018 model, instead they’ve made use of center-mounted venting, which draws styling cues from the from the very aggressive, new Corvette ZR1.

Photo: Scott Schwartz Photography

Photo: Scott Schwartz Photography

The taillights have changed and so have the lines of the car, ever so slightly, but the big changes on the visual characteristics are apparent with the ‘flow-tie’ located in the middle of a spanning, black bumper across the front end of the car. This seems to be the most polarizing element of the design. I have a feeling, this will may get the bowtie moved and potentially get a body color treatment in the future. I’m sure the SEMA market is already preparing. 

Photo: Scott Schwartz Photography


Aside from aesthetics, the mechanical upgrades are evidently getting the 10-speed automatic transmission from the ZL1 and a line-lock making it easier to ‘warm the tires’ as easily as a Ford Mustang GT. In the manual configuration, you can expect to see another gear up top, giving it 7 speed to work with on track and street.We are honored to be the lucky audience granted a chance to see this American muscle car before the world. This facelifted version of the gen-six Camaro was a welcome addition to the wildly diverse crowd we have grown accustomed, but this was something special.

Photo: Scott Schwatrz Photography

Photo: Scott Schwartz Photography


Chevy could have done a FIRST public debut of the car anywhere in the world.

They chose Dayton Cars and Coffee, and for that, we are truly honored.

Thank you again to the team that made this possible.


In other news,…

Our 4th preproduction car to show up to DCC.

This third-generation, European spec Porsche Cayenne S was a little viewing treat from Germany. I’m certain we’ll see more from them later in the season.

Photo: Dayton Cars and Coffee


Beyond the 400 cars that showed, these particular preproduction cars should be an indication we are in for some surprises.

We’re looking forward to seeing what shows next.


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