Gourmet Coffee

  • By Casey Spitnale
  • |
  • Tuesday February 2, 2016

We’re proud to announce our coffee sponsorship provided by the Western Ohio Region Sports Car Club of America.

They will be providing delicious Winan’s Coffee throughout the season free of charge for the first 200 people that arrive.

The WOR SCCA, as they are known, is a long-standing automotive racing organization, based out of Dayton, Ohio. “If it has something to do with driving fast in the southwest regions of Ohio, [WOR] probably have [their] fingers (and right foot) planted firmly in it!”

They are have road racing, solo 2 (autocross), rallycross and most recently performance driving experiences (pdx).

See more about them at www.worscca.org  …or talk to one of their representatives serving coffee at meets throughout the season.