Season 3 – Meet 3

  • By Casey Spitnale
  • |
  • Tuesday January 5, 2016

Can’t stop… won’t stop!

Cloud cover and wind turned into sun and a packed parking deck.

The group consisted of a broad array of vehicles and a beautiful palette of colors from a muted red MG to the Pure Orange of a 997 GT3RS and punctuated with the Verde Mantis Metallic of a new Huracan.

We also had a chance to welcome our newest sponsor, Hanson Audio Video, who got in the automotive mix with their wrapped and branded John Cooper Works Edition Mini in a satin blue.

For the foreseeable future, 200-300 per meet is the going norm, and the realization… just as with the cars… no two are alike. Many people are getting word for the first time, so the rotation of vehicles from in and out of the region has seemingly no end.

Over a century span of cars… diversity remains broad for DC+C.